3 Proven Methods for Weight Loss


Unlimited meal plans, diets, and rapid weight loss methods later, some people are either dissatisfied or give up. You seem to be taking weight loss seriously, but your efforts are in vain. Here we are to help you discover some of the best science-backed weight loss plans to alleviate your woes.

Change Your Diet Patterns

You may already know that eating less and losing more calories is the best way to lose those love handles. However, if you are a food lover, you can rarely incorporate this practice. Discover the proven methods to lose weight without setbacks and disappointments.

Intermittent Fasting

You might have heard of this before. This meal plan involves eating meals at short intervals, with fasting in between. Most dietitians will tell you to continue this for 24 weeks. Moreover, you will encounter standard intermittent fasting methods, like alternate day fasting, the 5:2 process, and the 16/8 rule. Let us start with the first one. Alternate day fasting involves generally eating on alternate days and fasting on the other days.

The 5:2 method tells you to fast for two days out of seven. You can eat just about 500 calories on fasting days. Then there is the third variety. The 16/8 rule involves eating only for 8 hours each day. Most people fast for 16 hours and eat from 12 noon to 8 PM. It is best to eat normally on non-fasting days. If you practice any of these methods correctly, you are bound to lose 2-6 kilos. Moreover, you might start noticing the results in about ten days. It is one of the most popular ways to lose weight and belly fat.

Get a Massage

If you are one of those who hate eating less, this one might be for you. This is something that does not involve diet and exercise. These kneading and rubbing techniques are also quite in trend today. Before proceeding further, you need to understand that it alone cannot help you lose weight. You have to combine it with a mindful lifestyle. Moreover, there are quite a few benefits associated with massage treatments or therapy. Apart from inducing weight loss, it also aids in better sleep, decreased stress, and reduced pain.

If you are keen on losing weight, you should get in touch with a therapist. You will come across various techniques like Swedish and Lymphatic drainage techniques, to name a few. Most therapists suggest the Swedish approach at moderate pressure. The therapy involves long strokes on the body in the direction of blood flow. It is undoubtedly good for increasing blood circulation and loosening fat cells. You can also try self-kneading practices accompanying the professional help you may be taking.

Additionally, you can get Lymphatic Drainage done. The therapist will massage with hands placed flat on body parts to aid the movement of fluids. It stimulates the body to flush out the lymph. It is responsible for puffiness in the waist, wrist, ankles, and legs. You will also lose abdomen or belly fat through this process. However, for this to be effective, you have to reduce fatty food intake. Additionally, you will boost the immune system while draining toxins from the body.

Change Your Diet Patterns

Every person will tell you this. Moreover, you know it. Mindful eating does have a prolonged effect on the body. Choose your food carefully and stop all distractions while you eat. Increase the protein content in your diet. Since the body is mainly made up of proteins, consuming it more will also help repair the cells. Good food choices to increase the protein intake include eggs, fish meats, tofu, and milk products.

Refined carbohydrates, most of which convert to sugars, are one of the biggest culprits that you ought to get rid of. Furthermore, they add nothing but empty calories. Hence, it would help if you swapped carbohydrates with fibers. Include lots of green vegetables in your diet. Fruits, nuts, herbal teas, and smoothies made with greens are ideal for your weight loss program. Try inculcating a habit of eating more plants. It generally increases the gut bacteria.

Gut bacteria make the food break down a more straightforward process. You can also add fermented foods that help weight loss by increasing gut bacteria. Have lots of Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Tempeh. These are known to promote digestion and weight loss.

Besides the ways enlisted above, you also need to get adequate sleep. Taking at least 7-8 hours of sleep will let your body recharge and metabolize the food. You can start incorporating all of these into your lifestyle. Lead a wholesome life and lose weight. That is how the world is doing it today. Get fit for the better.