From Ayurvedic inheritance to artificial intelligence: Shahnaz Husain traces her entrepreneurial journey


Shahnaz Husain needs no advent. The Founder of Shahnaz Husain Group is credited with pioneering the natural splendor care movement and taking India’s natural history. And even as splendor lies in the eye of the beholder, the veteran beauty expert believes that there’s a lot someone can do to decorate their splendor. At 74, Shahnaz says that inner properly fitness and external splendor cross “hand in hand,” which is why she’s a stickler for splendor workouts.

Shahnaz Hussain’s daily ordinary aalso incorporates Pranayama to help herget rid of physical and mental fatigue. “I comply with this up using performing some yoga. I locate that it makes me experience comfortable and gives me an experience of nicely-being,” she says.

I started small, dreamt largely

Shahnaz opened her first herbal health facility in 1971 and strained her roots to a royal family in Samarkand (present-day Uzbekistan). Her Oxford-educated father, Chief Justice NU Beg, put her in an Irish convent (Queen Mary’s in Allahabad), which instilled a love of poetry and English literature in her coronary heart. I changed into married at the age of 15 and have become a mother at sixteen. I changed into bored with the drudgery of limitless ordinary. I cherished splendor, and so I went to leading beauty schooling faculties within the West to analyze cosmetology and beauty therapy,” she recalls.

Shahnaz explains that she started small but continually dreamt big. “I observed unique marketing and commercial enterprise techniques, like the phrase of mouth and my franchise device, taking Ayurvedic splendor care worldwide with a crusader’s zeal. Today, after more than four a long time, we’ve got an international community of franchise salons, stores, splendor education academies, and over 375 products for beauty and health care,” she says. The Shahnaz Husain Group operates in greater than one hundred seventy-five international locations, with franchise salons, retail outlets, and training academies. The achievement of her logo has made her the difficulty of a Harvard case take a look at.

Speaking approximately the honor, Shahnaz says:

Harvard Business School invited me to speak on how I set up an international logo without commercial advertisements. I have become a Harvard case take a look at for emblem advent and am now a part of a Harvard situation in Business History for Emerging Markets in popularity of the market for Ayurvedic splendor care created by way of me.

Adapting to the digital international

Shahnaz has been treating pores and skin and hair troubles for greater than 4 a long time. The grand dame of herbal splendor nevertheless continues this private touch. But now she has a bit assist from artificial intelligence (AI), converting the way companies operate. Globally, AI is getting used in many industries, together with the beauty segment, via allowing brands to create greater immersive and customized consumer reviews. Companies like Estee Lauder and Sephora use it to permit users to get customized beauty to assist with the click of a button, disrupting a market used to man or woman-to-character touch and the “contact and sense” thing.