I’ve tried 50 shampoos for my itchy scalp and subsequently found the Holy Grail treatment


No nits.” I knew, as I sat there, a glass of wine in hand while my friend inspected my scalp for nits, like a monkey checking its mate’s fur, that I had a real problem. An itchy, scratchy, scabby scalp problem. And without professional assistance, it wasn’t going to go away. I’ve had an itchy head for eight years, seeing that having my first toddler. When I tell each person approximately it, the primary thing they do is mention nits. But my hassle is greater insidious – lurking beneath my thick, lengthy. In any other case, normally healthy hair is a crimson, inflamed scalp that has been, slowly but genuinely, riding me insane for nearly a decade.

Holy Grail treatment

It’s hormonal;” human beings have advised me. “Your pores and skin turn into extra touchy post infant.” But here’s the component, the pores and skin on my face have remained the identical, simplest that on my head has grown to be an alien being, growing sharp, scratchy tentacles reason on maintaining me up at night. When I get my hair colored, my scalp catches fireplace; I sit down there, nearly ripping the skin off my head. And then there are the scabs that shape, continually inside the returned of my head, usually in precisely the same spot.

The trouble persists regardless of my endless tries to remedy it. I’ve attempted 50 distinctive shampoos to position and cease to this torture, from scalp-cleansing shampoos that claimed to rid my scalp of product residue to completely easy, herbal, organic, sulfate-unfastened, vegan, and gluten-unfastened elixirs, even those claiming to be specifically for itchy heads. Nothing has labored. Until now. Until I observed the Leonor Greyl hair remedy at Harrods, it’s described as “a facial for the scalp,” however for me, it’s extra like candy salvation from a decade of scratching. Now allow me to inform you, this isn’t a cheap alternative. But after I keep in mind all of the shampoos.s

I’ve bought it over the years and discarded it after one use; it seems perfectly affordable. But I digress. Some heritage – Leonor Greyl is a pioneering luxurious haircare emblem with advanced step forward generation, Micro viewing, which allows your hair to be viewed under a microscope magnified by way of 2 hundred instances and shown at the display in front of me. Masa, the hair expert, shows me the gadget, which looks a bit like a first-gen pc display. She runs the microscope throughout my scalp, and hair follicles appear on the screen, searching like ropes.
My scalp, meanwhile, seems a sheet of ice, with a few flaky bits and red regions. It’s now not a pretty sight. “Your scalp could be very indignant,” she tells me. “And it has quite a few construct-up of product.” She makes me bespoke hair masks, which she slathers on my head and genuinely makes my scalp experience the maximum soothed it has in a long, long term.