Millennials and Weddings: Why They Don’t Show Up


Attending a wedding is a choice, but many millennials are left with none, even if they would love to be there. Here’s why they do this and how you can help.

Most people would love to attend weddings they are invited to, especially if the bride and groom are close to their hearts. But then, millennials are a different story. It is not that millennials are not into weddings. Sure, fewer of them are tying the knot. But that does not necessarily mean they don’t like attending weddings in general.

Millennials and Weddings

Weddings: Then and Now

Weddings before involving white tiered cakes, puffy wedding dresses, and simple wedding rings. Family-style receptions, traditional guestbooks, and cans tied to the back of their wedding cars are classic wedding trends. Couples even need to wait for about 15 minutes to enjoy a lasting memory of their big day.

Today’s weddings are more personalized, intimate, and tech-savvy. Many weddings involve customized wedding invitations, reimagined practices, and fewer guests. Some couples are skipping fresh flowers, single-use decors, and plastics in an attempt to make their weddings more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Before, the only way couples could share wedding memories was through postcards, film-developed photos, and poor-quality videos. Now, one can enjoy more than just high-quality pictures and videos. With a few taps and clicks, newly-wed couples can share wedding memories with everyone through the Internet.

Social media and the Internet have also become significant sources of inspiration to couples who are still planning their wedding. It becomes easy to find ideas they can recreate from their wedding gowns and suits to venues and souvenirs. Some teams also book their venues, find wedding planners, and send out invites to their guests with the help of today’s technology.

Why Millennials Are Skipping Weddings

Many millennials delay marriage, opting to stay single or experience cohabiting before marriage. But this does not mean they don’t enjoy attending the weddings of loved ones. Still, despite their enthusiasm to celebrate the union of close loved ones, many millennials are saying “I don’t” to other couples’ weddings.

Far Wedding Venues

Thanks to today’s technology, building a more extensive network and staying in touch with friends, family, and colleagues is now easier. The more people you are close to, the more likely you will be invited to their big day. Since attending a wedding includes prioritizing their big day over your other commitments, millennials are torn between traveling miles away to make an appearance.

Costly Expenses

You may not be a part of the wedding entourage. But simply attending a wedding means you will need to use some money for a few things. This can involve your gas money, outfit, and wedding gift to the wedding couple. Many millennials are forced to skip their attendance with all the extra expenses you should pay for simply attending a wedding.

Many millennials are struggling financially. But a study shows that they are more generous when it comes to wedding gifts than older generations. If they can attend your wedding, they usually need to save money for at least a few months to buy you suitable facilities for the big day.

Accommodating Millennial Weddings Guests

If you are hosting many millennial guests on your wedding day, know that you can do something to lessen their load and convince them to attend. Here are some tips to make your wedding millennial-friendly.

Consider Your Relationship

After an intimate wedding, consider only inviting guests you want to remember the big day with. Your understanding loved ones will understand if you can’t ask them to attend your wedding personally. Since millennials often prioritize their mental health over anything, they would appreciate it more if you were also transparent and understanding enough if they chose to say no to your big invite.

Help Them Find Hotel and Flight Deals

Some couples would send out invites not thinking of their guests’ situation. If you have guests who need to drive or fly long hours to attend your big day, the least you can do is help them find ways to save money on their transport and accommodation. You may not be able to pay for their gas money, flight, or hotel, but at least be a good friend by helping save cash when attending your wedding.

Set Clear Expectations

Your wedding being months away is not enough reason to inform your millennial loved ones of the marriage a little too late. They might need more time to prepare for the wedding, even if they are not your bridesmaid or groomsmen. Let them know of your wedding date, venue, and other things every guest should know so that they can make the necessary preparations beforehand.

Your guest list may not be millennial-exclusive. But it helps to give your select millennial guests a bit more slack. Remember that not everyone has the same priorities, problems, and situations. Keep this list in mind, and you can make your day extra special while enjoying it with your millennial guests.