‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman Blames the ‘Parasitic’ Media for Those Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Rumors


Suleman claims the “media hijacked my life,” but it’s “time to take my lifestyles back. Just over a decade ago, Nadya Suleman became a family call after the drama surrounding her octuplets and subsequent intercourse tape and nude photoshoots. Apart from the entire giving-birth-to-8-children-at-once element, rumors commenced flying whilst Suleman seemed to have long passed beneath the knife. The new resemblance to Angelina Jolie turned uncanny, consistent with many inside the public, and the media was quick to observe. Suleman, who now goes by way of Natalie, has denied these plastic surgical procedure rumors inside the past, telling Dateline in 2009.

I even have in no way idea of Angelina Jolie except the last time I saw one in all her films. I assume that changed into years in the past. It is to date far from the place I’m in right now to consider any celeb. In 2013, however, she reputedly changed the tone and embraced the comparisons after doing a photoshoot with InTouch channeling the “Tomb Raider” actress. Now, six years later, she’s blaming the media for their “sensationalized stories.

The faux tabloid media fed the public many deceptions, for decades,” Suleman wrote in a lengthy Instagram publish. “Shameful that when one decade people nevertheless accept true with the sensationalized testimonies, the opportunistic media made up. One of the fabricated stories the trashy tabloids instructed turned into how I had a plastic surgical procedure to seem like an actress named Angelina Jolie. After giggling this lie off to see you later, it’s time to set the file (an entire decade later) instantly.

Accompanying her denial is a photo of thirteen years and eleven kids in the past. “I NEVER had a plastic surgical procedure to appear like ANYONE else, let alone some ‘celeb’ I could care less about. I am proud of my combined ethnic history and could not want to appear like or be like every person other than myself., Though she does cop to having had a breast augmentation (which she claims to regret), Suleman slams the media. For having a “hidden agenda.” The media had one hidden timetable: to ignite an awful lot of severe hate toward me for so long as possible. This precise untruth introduced gas to the fireplace of hate. The crazier I seemed, and the extra of your ‘taxpayers bucks’ I supposedly stole to waste on ‘plastic surgical procedure,’ the greater intensely I could be hated. In flip, the more it’d line the tabloid media’s parasitic pockets.”