ALEPEL, The New Artistic Accessories Label To Know


Adriana Epelboim-Levy loves all matters structure, fashion and footwear associated. It’s handiest natural then, for her to mix those loves, and so in 2014, these artfully amalgamated to shape her emblem, ALEPEL. There’s no doubt that her designs, which turned into based on footwear and recently evolved into purses, are made by an attraction to the innovative soul. Intricate and considered, whether or not you are inside the market for his or her slip-on mules or a handbag, each piece is lovingly hand-painted with care and refinement. And consider checking out their today’s collaboration with Insta gal Rocky Barnes for a line that represents “the splendor of own family and the bonds of love.


Felicity Carter: What was your first fashionable reminiscence?

Adriana Epelboim-Levy: I spent my youth in Venezuela, and, one day, my grandmother opened her antique style closet, and allowed me to pick my favored portions to take with me. Seeing some of these vintage, lovely attire from the ’60s, I understood there was a unique beauty in the back of undying fashion that captivated me.
For the 1st time, I had the opportunity to use my creativity to reconstruct pieces to cause them to the wearable. I understood using materials and the electricity of minimalism. My excellent hobby became to preserve the nature of the clothes and to maintain them intact. With the use of the minimum element, they became my masterpieces.

FC: What lured you into the enterprise?

AEL: I went to Architecture School in New York City at Pratt Institute. I continually appreciated Architecture as a discipline. The architecture allows the dressmaker to translate right into a made of any scale. From buildings to shoes, there’s so much commonality between the design process of both industries. There is a process of conceptualizing, formulating a construction mechanism, finalizing a structure, thinking about capability.

Fashion has usually been an ardor for me; being in NYC allowed me to be near the scene, supporting Fashion Week Shows and being part of Photo Shoots, running in retail. I had the opportunity to paint within the industry because of my creative beginnings. After I graduated from Architecture School, I decided to enroll in a Footwear Design software at the prestigious Milan-based totally Fashion School, Ars Sutoria. I labored in their NYC-primarily based software to hone my skills also.