Best Egyptian Cotton Towels


Get Egyptian cotton bath towels to elevate your bath or shower experience. This elegant material adds extra tenderness and comfort to your experience, making you feel like a spa. Other towels may feel rough and smudgy, irritating your skin. Choose 100% Egyptian cotton towels when looking to buy fabric.

Egyptian cotton first appeared on the market a few years ago and has since been one of the most highly prized materials for bedding and bath towels. But, with many brands to choose from, which are the best? We did some online research to find an answer for you.

Best Egyptian Cotton Towels

What Distinguishes Egyptian cotton?

Everything is in the fibers. Egyptian cotton, as the name implies, comes from Egypt. Egypt’s climate is ideal for cotton cultivation, producing cotton fibers that are fine and long, unlike regular cotton. Egyptian cotton is also picked by hand rather than by machine.

Because of the extremely long fibers, Egyptian cotton is more long-lasting than usual cotton. Since the threads are more slender than regular cotton, more can be packed onto the towel’s surface area, making it feel softer and more fluffy.

List of Best Egyptian Bath Towels

  1. Superior Solid Egyptian Cotton Towel Set
  2. Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Towel Set
  3. Cotton Club Egyptian Cotton
  4. Casa Copenhagen Denmark Egyptian Cotton Towel Set
  5. Trident White Collection
  6. Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton
  7. Garnet Hill Signature Egyptian-Cotton Towel

Superior Solid Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Buy SUPERIOR Egyptian Cotton 8-Piece Solid Towel Set, Washcloths 13” x 13”,  Hand Towels 20” x 30”, Bath Towels 30” x 55”, Stone, 8-Pieces Online in  India. B097KBTFNQ

Suppose you want luxury Egyptian cotton bath towels at a reasonable price. In that case, this Superior Egyptian towel set is a great choice. Additionally, the towel set is machine washable and has stain-resistant properties. It comes in various colors, including white, beige, brown, and charcoal. Such towels are made more durable by rope borders and quality-stitched seams. They are machine-washable and can be dried to sustain their soft, water-absorbing texture. The towel is also OEKO-TEX Certified, which means it is chemical-free.

Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Buy Amazon Brand – Pinzon 6 Piece Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set -  Cream Online at desertcart INDIA

Suppose you want luxury Egyptian cotton towel sets without spending much. In that case, the Pinzon Egyptian towel set could be the right choice. These towels have a classy look and a sleek finish because they are ringspun with ultra-smooth yarn. They have a GSM of 600 (medium density) given their low price. They are also OEKO-TEX certified and easily washable and dryable.

Cotton Club Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton Luxury Towel

If you’re looking for high-quality Egyptian cotton towels, consider the Cotton Club towel set. These towels are available in various colors to match almost any decor. They have a GSM of 700, making them an excellent choice for a highly absorbent towel. It also means they will be gentle and soft to the touch, which is a big plus for bath towels. Cotton Club’s Egyptian towel set is machine washable and OEKO-TEX certified.

Casa Copenhagen Denmark Egyptian Cotton Towel Set 

Casa Copenhagen - Egyptian Cotton Eternal 2 Pcs Large Bath Towel (75 x 150  cm) Colour : - White, Bright White : Home & Kitchen

One of Amazon’s best-selling brands is the Casa Copenhagen collection. This Egyptian towel set has a GSM of 600. It is made of twisted-cotton ringspun for an extra soft texture and faster drying capabilities. This towel is also available in bright colors like pink, lime, purple, light blue, buttercup, and white. These towels are extremely fluffy and long-lasting, providing a luxurious spa experience. This OEKO-TEX certified premium collection is machine washable.

Trident White Collection

TRIDENT White Luxury Hotel Collection 100% Cotton 625 GSM Bath Towel  (2-Piece) - JioMart

The Trident White Collection also offers affordable hotel-quality luxury towels. They have a GSM of 625, which means they are incredibly soft and have good water-absorbing capacity. This elegant towel set comes in various colors, including teal, white, crimson, silver, and charcoal. It’s also OEKO-TEX certified and easy to maintain with a quick toss in the machine washer and dryer.

Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton

Buy Calla Angel Superior 1000 Gram Egyptian Cotton Oversize 63 x 31 Bath  Towel,1 Piece, Silver Chain Online in India. B07196D8GT

The Calla Angel Egyptian cotton towels are another excellent purchase. These towels are extra-long and very fine Egyptian cotton, making them highly soft and durable. They are also free of chemicals, pesticides, and color dyes (an additional benefit for allergy sufferers or consumers with sensitive skin). The towels are also machine-washable and dryer-safe for quick and easy care.

Garnet Hill Signature Egyptian-Cotton Towel

Types of Natural Fibers at Garnet Hill | Threads by Garnet Hill

Rayman Boozer, an interior designer, says he “always starts with a color in mind” when selecting towels. And “Garnet Hill has all the perfect colors lately.” This thick towel is manufactured in Turkey and comes in various colors and sizes for mixing.

What Should You Check When Buying Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels?

Before purchasing a new set of Egyptian bath towels, consider the following factors.

Stitching of the Towel

Best Egyptian cotton towels with two layers of woven thread and reinforced corners with top-notch stitching are suitable. Low-quality stitching and single-ply towels typically do not last as long; you may have to replace them sooner than you would towel of higher quality.

Size of the Towel

Towels from most Egyptian cotton brands are packaged in a variety of ways. However, the most common bundle contains two washcloths, two hand towels, and two bath towels. Be cautious of brands that only provide one towel size; quality manufacturers usually produce them in various sizes.


Grams per Square Meter (GSM) is the weight measurement used to evaluate fabric quality. It is used to calculate the density of a bath towel, with thicker towels having a greater GSM and fairly thin towels having a lower one. A bath towel’s GSM can range between 300 and 900. The GSM of premium Egyptian cotton towels will range from 600 to Egyptian cotton towel 900 GSM.

Price of the Towel

The cost of luxury Egyptian cotton towels will vary depending on the brand. Egyptian cotton towels are almost always available in six-piece sets, with prices ranging from $30 to well over $100.

Final Words

Many good-quality Egyptian cotton towel sets are reasonably priced for most people. Shopping around first to find and compare the best prices is preferable.