Common Health Issues Kids and Teens Go Through


They say the youth of today is the key to everyone’s future. They say one should take care of the younger generation for it brings a fruitful result. Like every other adult out there, kids have their health issues. They have their league of problems that may sometimes confuse the adults.

Mood Swings

It is said that everyone walks a different path, but what they don’t tell you is that there are patterns you can find in it. This is especially true in the younger generations of today.

Here are common health issues kids and teens face:

Unpredictable Mood Swings

When you’re a teen, your mood could change unexpectedly. At this stage in life, your hormones are at their peak, trying to help you grow into the body you’re supposed to have. The consequence of this phenomenon might affect your daily moods and routines.


Teens these days have more access to a lot of sexual content. Naturally, they are curious and would most likely explore many things about themselves and what they’re feeling. Without proper counseling and guidance, this might lead to sexually transmitted diseases. This would be both the individual’s and their parents’ problem.

Lung Cancer

This seems a little far off the mark, but believe it or not, it does happen! Kids these days are very much impressionable to a lot of things. Peer pressure could get out of hand, and they could resort to smoking. This is a severe topic people should pay more attention to.


Statistically speaking, about 20% of teens have reached the definition of obesity in the United StatesChildhood obesity has many risk factors, including the development of diabetes and multiple other illnesses. If not treated properly, they could bring this to adulthood.


It might be shocking to develop diabetes at a young age. But the number of sweets young people eat and drink today is increasing. As a parent, you need to prevent this from happening. You have to make sure that your kids have a well-balanced diet. Sure, they can indulge in sweets, but too much of it can be very dangerous. If your kids love to eat sweets, make sure to bring them to an experienced orthodontist. This is very important. You need to check on your kids’ oral health too!


The younger you are, the harder it is to control your emotions and decisions. The hormones don’t help in this department either. Depression can be ubiquitous among teens. There are a lot of factors that can lead your kids to depression, like being bullied in school, the stress in school, personal relationships, and many more. Make sure you’re checking up on your kids and giving them the help they need. If they ask for help, you need to be there for them. Do not disregard their feelings, be there for them every step of the way.


Impressionable creatures are going to get molded by the environment they are in. Anxiety is something a lot of teens can struggle with. The best way to help them is to listen to their concerns and treat them like human beings. Gentle parenting is critical.


Kids are often most susceptible to fevers. Fevers can be due to stress or your immune system’s attempt to protect yourself from deadly pathogens. Kids would logically have a weaker immune system compared to the developed adult.

Extreme Alcohol Intoxication

This is another issue that needs to be addressed. Teens would like to go out and party with friends. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee if they’d make the best decisions for themselves around alcohol. Alcohol intoxication can be deadly, so make sure they drink responsibly.


In the era of technology, kids are glued to their digital devices. Insomnia is an illness. You have to make sure your kid grows one. This illness can be alleviated in ways of developing a healthy sleeping habit.


Kids like to explore. That’s their job. Sometimes they discover certain things you won’t necessarily be fond of. Yes, this includes allergies. It’s pretty standard for kids to be allergic to dust or any other stimulant that could trigger that reaction. It’s essential to know countermeasures for this situation.

These health issues can be avoided or alleviated when proper care is given. The doctors’ have always said that prevention will always be better than cure. Everyone deserves to live life to the fullest, including the children. These health issues are pretty common and easy to spot. It shows that youth does not exempt you from the world’s illnesses.