The Real Reason Elizabeth Holmes Always Wears Dark Eye Makeup


Elizabeth Holmes’ face is anywhere right now: on the front page of newspapers, in tabloids, proven along with press coverage of the two documentaries and a full-length biopic that will quickly make the now-disgraced Theranos founder even greater inescapable. When a person is dominating the information cycle to the volume that Holmes is proper now, it’s difficult not to take a closer look at the way they fashion themselves for public intake. In Holmes’ case, that means black turtlenecks, dyed blonde hair, and a French nail clipping — and, perhaps maximum notably, eyes ringed with thick black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow.

Dark Eye Makeup

Wearing darkish eye makeup daily won’t seem like a significant splendor desire. However, photo specialists say Holmes’ dedication to the look is truly quite telling. “Sometimes, someone who wants to have manipulated or desires to exert dominance over a state of affairs thinks they can achieve that kind of control thru a greater high-comparison appearance in their make-up,” says Michael Christian, a photograph representative primarily based in Yonkers, New York.

New York City-based totally image consultant Carol Davidson sees that, too. “To me, it had a very robust, aggressive sense to it,” she says. “It feels like that turned into playing into that sturdy, ‘can play in a man’s global’ type of vibe. It’s nearly like she’s seeking to assert her dominance via this intense, alpha make-up.” On the alternative hand, Amanda Sanders, also a New York City-based totally picture consultant, thinks Holmes’ rings of the black liner should convey something a good deal much less calculated: her manner of treating her makeup as an afterthought.

For a woman as busy as Holmes, something as reputedly trivial as eyeliner software may not have been an actual concern. “It’s no longer out of the query that she notion If I have been to put on this makeup for going out, why wouldn’t I do it once more if I’m seeking to be taken severely as the head of something?” Sanders says. “That being said, it honestly could be very ‘concentrate to me, hear me’ make-up.” Between the acute eye makeup and the truth that Holmes hardly ever blinks, you have a lady who quite virtually desires to snatch your interest — and keep it.