5 Playful Makeup Ideas to Consider This Spring


Things are heating up. Spring’s long-awaited arrival is nearly here, bringing with it a switch to lighter textures, a go back to open-toed shoes, and a playful bypass in our collective step. It’s time to test—and what better manner of gathering notion than from celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo? The seasoned has made a call for herself, giving dull cheekbones a dewy “dumpling” sheen while also peppering her colorful Instagram account with aspirational images of larger-than-life make-up looks. From an unstable pop of eyeshadow to a brand new way to wear glitter, right here are five professional-accepted thoughts to get out of a beauty rut this season.

5 Playful Makeup Ideas to Consider This Spring 1

I love including a neon lip with almost no other makeup,” Vo explains. Toss your complete insurance basis in prefer of something that lets your pores and skin breathe and seize an electric hue, like Tom Ford’s Fame. “No hard lines or heavy contouring,” Vo recommends. With pastel, sweet-colored lids taking Fall fashion month through a typhoon, Vo favors playful shadows off the runway as nicely. To make it wearable for every day, “most effectively apply the color inside the center of the lid, so it’s far controlled in a single region,” Vo advises. “I assume ladies are intimidated by robust shade,” she provides. “By buffing the coloration out with a sandy brown shade, you can take down the brightness without doing away with the declaration.

Used within the right manner, a bold pop of glitter can truly be pretty sublime. Vo’s advice? Dab a wash of shimmer with a crimson undertone on the tops of cheekbones and the internal corners of the eye for a fun take on highlighter. Named for the lip-stained impact, it truly results from eating a cherry popsicle, the understated pout is certainly one of Vo’s signatures, and it’s fast gaining pace. “It’s so that fresh and younger,” she explains of the marginally blurred assertion. To attempt, cover the entire place with concealer, then “swipe a pink lipstick at the center of the lip,” she says. After, blur the strains with a clear or nude-colored gloss for a completely undone appearance in three minutes or much less.

This season, pass conventional black liner and attain something tremendously bold. “A deep, blood crimson color is surprising but timeless,” Vo says, and “you do not have to be a makeup artist to do it.” “Start employing applying small strokes and connecting the dots.” And to get a specific winged tip, Vo advises drawing from the outside in. “Slow and steady is the name of the game,” she says.