Bethenny Frankel Just Posted Photos Of A Seriously Gnarly Makeup Breakout On Instagram


Stars, they’re much like us! And Bethenny Frankel isn’t always afraid to expose it. The Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) megastar took to Instagram testimonies to share one heck of a terrible response protecting her face together with her 2 million followers, putting forward she was “certainly now not going to reveal you only once I look top. In the first slide of the no-makeup Instastory, Bethenny, forty-eight, starts offevolved, “Want to see what it looks as if to have a breakout from kind of makeup or cream? It’s like real. Look at this.” TBH, it is difficult now not to “observe this” because the movie star zooms inside and outside of her irritated, red cheeks with a touch pizza emoji floating at the lowest of the display.

Bethenny Frankel Just Posted Photos Of A Seriously Gnarly Makeup Breakout On Instagram 1

As she continues with her huge breakout reveal, Bethenny oh-so-eloquently describes her reaction as “busted up” and says that “it is every other cheese pizza look.” Ahh, the pizza emoji! Good one, boss lady! (FYI – Bethenny is the CEO and founder of Skinny Girl—as in, yes, the margaritas…) Unlike her preceding, er, “pizza look,” which was apparently the result of getting “picked over” throughout a facial, today’s state of affairs “just took place.” It’s safe to assume that by “picked over,” Bethenny’s referring to extractions, which might be not unusual all through facials but can go away purple marks afterward that usually fade.

And, btw, this isn’t always Bethenny’s first time sharing all the information about her pizza face with the sector. On this week’s episode of RHONY, she joked about how the worst time to see your ex is proper after a facial—something lady friend skilled IRL. Ugh, awkward chills. While it is nonetheless TBD the precise perpetrator of Bethenny’s cutting-edge derm debacle, here’s hoping it calms down soon so she can experience the rest of her Florida vacay, in step with earlier Instastories, and take in some sun—with lots of important SPF, of the route.

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