From Matthew McConaughey to microneedling: this week’s fashion developments


Keds Given away on the ultra-modern fitness summit, it’s the Goopy’s shoes of desire. A glass of Mimosa Cocktail
Velvet jeans French cult traditional 70s emblem New Man is again, with matching box jackets as well. Mewe That’s me + we, a word coined through Chris Packham to mean “shared duty.” Weirdly catchy. Matthew McConaughey as Moondog Your new style muse, men. Pink robes with marabou are a pass. Mimosa This season’s tulip. Liz Taylor’s cocktail of desire and hip Westerns Laundry desk decoration. Scrabble Inspo at the back of the newly launched Warehouse x Shrimps collab, apparently. Intellectual.

Going down

Three-piece suites Killed off using our love of mismatched furnishings and not on sale at John Lewis.
Tissues Givenchy’s new Teint Couture Everwear is “emotion resistant” Drunk dialing. It’s the $39.4bn spent on “spontaneous drunk purchases” that are coming returned to hang-out with us. Flower partitions The flower crown of interiors, as seen at weddings and eating places. Padded jackets It’s above freezing, so change your padded coat for a padded bag. We’re into an Eastpak rucksack. Sweet potatoes White spuds are a health trend in waiting, according to ManRepeller. It can also be used as cake icing.