Liziane Gutierrez is inside the center of every other nightmare beauty procedure … A method that went so horrific, it may require a primary surgical operation to get it proper. The Brazilian version tells TMZ … She went for botox and fillers for her face and lips final Tuesday in Brazil, but by way of that Sunday night, her face began feeling numb. When she awakened, her face blew up … The ache becomes so excessive, she concept her face became going to blow up.

What’s almost improbable. Liziane cheated demise remaining May while she went to Turkey for lipo, and the surgery changed into botched so terrible she turned into putting in a coma for five days. She slightly made it out alive. As for her latest brush with the Almighty, Liziane tells us a health practitioner recognized her with bacterial pores and skin infection … She changed into pumped full of antibiotics, to no avail, so a medical doctor’s in the method of disposing of the fillers and botox.  If the swelling does not notably subside and she’s nevertheless in pain, Liziane tells us she will need a more surgical procedure to completely 86 the “improvements” from her body.


While she admitted to seeing the same medical professional as Kim Kardashian West and “Vanderpump Rules” celebrity Lala Kent, the restaurant-rich person said she best gets lasering, plus occasional fillers and Botox. “I’m on television, and I’m 58 years antique. My skin might now not appearance as right as it does have been it not for Dr. Simon Ourian.” In a “Reunion Secrets Revealed” episode of “RHOBH,” Lisa Rinna accused Vanderpump of having gotten a facelift, but the megastar denied it. However, she isn’t against attempting the method in the future.

“I’ve usually been a bit reticent absolutely to head below the knife,” she said. “But the manner things have modified, I don’t suppose it’s necessary. Well, none of its miles vital, surely,” she introduced with amusing. The in-call for doctor fees up to $5,900 for a single consultation of fillers, the effects of which could ultimately take months to years. To show that she has the most effective done non-surgical processes, Vanderpump pointed to her busy schedule.

I’m on camera — I’ve got three suggestions on the air; I’m inside the eating place each night time,” she said. “You should report me every day pretty lots for the past 8 years. I don’t have time for that downtime.” And even though she has but to be put under herself, Vanderpump isn’t shy, urging friends who whine about their appearances to consider beauty strategies. “Don’t tell me about it. Do it!” she exclaimed. “If something about your face makes you sad, just do it.”