Routine Maintenance for CNC Machines


The introduction of CNC machines is a dream come true for most manufacturing industries. These are cutting-edge tech tools that can perform various tasks to save time and boost productivity in a company. Just like other appliances, CNC machines require regular maintenance for smooth equipment operations. This prevents costly breakdowns and malfunctions that can halt operations in an entire company.

CNC Machines

CNC machine maintenance-Is it essential?

Machine maintenance is a critical aspect of any manufacturing process. Well, the task may seem tedious, but it saves a lot of stress later on. For instance, when your machine breakdowns, it can cost you millions of money. And this may involve the cost of repairs as well as loss in sales and profits.

Regular maintenance is critical and ensures the smooth running of your CNC machine, which avoids unexpected breakdowns. It also extends the durability of your device, which saves on spare parts and minimizes the need for new equipment.

Let’s have a look at the routine maintenance for CNC machines.

Various simple tasks can keep your CNC equipment away from the machine repair room. These may be minor checks done daily or weekly to help spot a problem before it causes a significant breakdown. The ordinary routine maintenance tasks include;

1. Greasing& Oiling

Greasing helps reduce friction, heat and wear in our machine parts. It coats the solid surfaces and ensures the smooth working of your equipment. To maintain your CNC machines functioning optimally, check the parts often to spot any dry parts. Moreover, give them a shot of grease to reduce wear and tear and enhance the life of the bearings.

 2. Fluid checks

Coolants play a major role in CNC equipment. They help in grinding and turning and should be checked regularly. The fluids must remain at the right levels and should be changed or replenished for a great baseline. If you don’t change the fluids, the PH changes and can damage your engine, parts, and gaskets.

The fluids shouldn’t be excess either! This may be an indication of an issue with your machine. For excellent results, flush and change the coolant every three years.

3. Wiping& Dusting

Sounds simple? Yes, but this is important too. Wiping down the surfaces of your machine gets rid of grime and dust. Do this daily to bar small metal shavings from accumulating. These can build up and damage critical parts like the cover seals. You can also dilute a degreaser in a spray bottle and use it to clean your machine.

4. Spring cleaning

For milling, machines clean the tool’s enclosure and detach the chips. Check that the lubricants are at proper levels and inspect the spindle for contaminants. Moreover, inspect the spindle belts for oil, tension, and wear. For the lathes, align the parts and check the fluid levels. Examine the hydraulic system and actuator for grime and contamination. Check the spindle and belts to ensure optimal functioning during cutting operations.

In summary

Routine maintenance is vital in all CNC machines. It helps unearth any problems and resolve them way before they cause major breakdowns. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer and saves a lot of repairs and losses.