Weight and Image: Dealing with Healthy Living


It’s time for us to have a different approach regarding body perception. Bodies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, especially in recent times, when people in the media have come to represent various types of individuals. Pop culture affects our opinions of ourselves. While body positivity and seeing plus-size models in the media is good for inclusiveness, society should continuously address the prevalent health problem of obesity and overweight concerns.

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However, addressing these concerns should be handled with utmost care and sensitivity. A holistic medicine and wellness center may help guide individuals toward the proper path to health and wellness as they determine the underlying causes of their conditions.

Body shaming has become a big part of our everyday culture; however, being desensitized to making these remarks can be detrimental to the people involved. Engaging in body-shaming comments is not the right way to encourage an individual to pursue healthier lifestyle options. Also, body shape and size do not necessarily equate to having made unhealthy choices.

Parents should focus on raising healthy kids. Both physical and mental wellness should be monitored. A holistic approach to healthcare is crucial for everyone.

Obesity Today

In today’s media, there have been various types of bodies represented by different people. Despite the good impact of the body’s positive movement in today’s generation, people should still distinguish when a healthier lifestyle should be observed.

Obesity has been a prevalent disease around the globe. While there is a high rate of obesity, this is an entirely avoidable disease. The images of body-positive icons in the media today should be balanced with a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, a healthy lifestyle is not determined by one’s body shape and size.

Both kids and adults can be affected by this disease, but many adults have found it challenging to make the necessary lifestyle changes to shift their weight. This is why new parents should start ingraining healthy lifestyle habits in their kids early throughout their childhood years. Doing so may prevent the early onset of obesity and other related diseases.

There are effective methods that parents can follow to minimize the risk of obesity in their kids. Building a good relationship with food starts within the family. Parents should serve as role models when it comes to eating a balanced diet. Adults should also be a good example when it comes to engaging in regular workout sessions. This will encourage young kids to adopt a similar lifestyle as they aspire to imitate their parents.

People should take the necessary measures to avoid this wholly preventable but potentially fatal disease. Obesity can cause other illnesses that could also be avoided by adopting a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise throughout their daily lives.

Body Shaming Is a Cultural Problem

With the prevalence of obesity around the world, there is also a prevalence of insensitive remarks from people around us. Jokes that are centered on shaming other people have become a regular part of our everyday lives. This habit of body shaming is problematic behavior. Many people can’t tell anymore what is right or wrong. They have developed ingrained discriminatory behavior based on people’s physical appearances.

When dealing with developing teens, even minor comments about the changes in their bodies can have a significant impact on their self-esteem. People should be careful about their choice of words when talking to teens about these concerns. Fat-shaming people might even make their health condition worse due to stress and humiliation.

Parents of children dealing with weight issues should work on becoming more sensitive adults to these kids. These young ones might be extremely sensitive about their condition. If parents want their kids to be responsive to lifestyle changes, they should be supportive of their kids and their feelings.

Raising Healthy Kids

Parents have the duty to become role models to their kids when adopting a healthy lifestyle. They need to set a good example for their children as they aim to raise their kids well. By adopting a healthy lifestyle early on, parents can raise healthy and disciplined adults in the future. Parents should follow the tried-and-tested methods of guiding children towards growth and development. While each child is different, some common denominators point towards effective child-rearing solutions.

Weight and body image are sensitive topics to discuss with anyone, especially with teens who are in their crucial developmental years. People should be more sensitive about their unnecessary remarks about people’s bodies and appearances because, more often than not, these comments have detrimental results.