Plastic ‘surgical operation’


Pollution is one of the most important problems confronted by way of earth, which threatens its lifestyles. Every day, social media is flooded with information about plastic pollution and how it’s affecting our flowers and fauna. Our oceans are packed with plastic waste main to the death of numerous whales and other creatures. The quantity of waste extracted from their carcass is quite alarming. Though protests are lodged on social media platforms, are we truly doing anything to forestall those risks? The answer may be a massive blatant ‘No.

Posts on social media can be best correct for buying likes and shares. For the world to alternate, the change has to start from us. A small initiative can cause more results. This is wherein Aparna S., a primary 12 months B.Ed pupil from Kollam, sets an instance for the world. Aparna collects bottles and different waste substances dumped in Ashtamudi Lake. Other locations do her artistry and sell it on her Facebook web page referred to as ‘Quppi.’ Her works have already created a humongous response to many customers and properly-wishers.

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She has been inclined to craft making and painting since formative years. It’s sudden that she hasn’t taken any formal training in these fields and affirms paintings enjoy is her sole power. For a person who was into craft and fabric painting, a shift to terracotta jewelry designing at some point of graduation days becomes truly a boon. “Terracotta jewelry changed into a trend those days. My pals commenced supporting me as soon as I commenced making them. They have been my preliminary customers. Then my teachers became clients, then their friends, and happily, they became popular,” says Aparna.

After graduation, she changed into Guppy. “I observed that Ashtamudi Lake and different public places had been packed with plastic waste. We used to accumulate materials like feathers, fortunate red seeds, etc. For the duration of our formative years. Same way, I started gathering those waste bottles. Then I had this notion of doing something with those bottles. I published photos of the painted bottles on Facebook and Instagram and got an honestly exact reaction. Many messaged announcing that I’m doing an excellent element to society through upcycling the discarded bottles,” she says.

Many discover Quppi as an inspiring call. “I used to promote terracotta jewelry below the logo call Rudrah. When my consciousness became to accumulating bottles (kuppi), my buddies started calling me Sikri (scrap collector),” she quips. “My bag was once complete of bottles instead of books. This even made my books dirty at instances. Even the individuals who met me for the first time known as me ‘kuppi’. Since I provide a stylish look to these bottles, I trendily named with the aid of logo as Quppi.”