Duties of the Maid of Honor


A maid of honor and bridesmaid are essential roles, but typically the maid of honor has more responsibilities than a bridesmaid. Here is a list of said responsibilities.

Before her wedding, a bride chooses the best and closest bunch of her friends to be her bridesmaids. But there is a specific one that is her best friend perhaps and is determined to be the ‘Maid of Honor’. So, if your best friend is getting married and your bride has chosen you as her maid of honor, you are in for a ride that will keep you on your toes for most of the day. You will have every responsibility of the bride on your shoulders, but you will always have help from the other bridesmaids.

Maid of Honor

It is truly an overwhelming experience, and you want to make it as perfect for the bride as possible. Nevertheless, here is a list of duties to help sort you out if this is your first time being a maid of honor for someone.

Bridal Shower

The most important event before the wedding day for the bride is her bridal shower. You will have to arrange one with the help of the bridesmaids. You can go over the top and plan for a bachelorette party and a bridal shower at an exotic location like a hidden beach or anywhere with beautiful scenery outside the city. Plan the perfect bridal shower with fun bachelorette games, top-notch food, and champagne. Plan an event that is in the bride’s best interest, so do not go pleasing everyone with the arrangements. You can add in customized gifts for everyone attending the shower so that they all leave with a bit of piece of the party with them.

Shopping with the Bride

Like you would have gone with the couple to choose the perfect engagement rings for them, you will have to go with the bride to select the ideal and elegant wedding dress for the bride. You will have to accompany her to shop for her clothing in various stores. Go with her to all the dress fittings and then finally help her decide the ‘ultimate one’.

Keep a Bridal First Aid Kit With You

You may have heard of a standard first aid kit. But, a bridal first aid kit is something you are going to need in the whole wedding. This kit needs to have all sorts of emergency things that your bride can require. For instance, bobby pins, safety pins, compact powder, pads or tampons, tissue papers, lip shade matching the one she has already applied, disposable straws so that she can drink water without the hassle of her lipstick getting transferred onto the glass, and perhaps some real band-aids.

Prepare and Give the Best Toast

As a maid of honor, you must prepare the best toast among all and give it on the wedding day. Start to note down all the stuff that you want to include in your speech without it being not very pleasant for the bride. You can add in all the happy memories and fun adventures you have had with each other. If you have a hard time remembering or get nervous while talking to many strangers, you can always hold up flashcards. This way, if you even forget the following line, you will not break your tempo and can have a look at the cards.

Do Not Keep the Bride Starving

Amidst all this chaos, it is common for the bride to skip her meals and not eat anything the entire day. Make sure that she eats, even if it is just snacks and granola bars. To fit in the wedding dress, the bride can get diet-conscious; you keep an eye on her and do not let her starve herself. She can fall weak and might get dizzy because of these 11th-hour diet plans.

Dress Her Up

Now that you have reached the wedding day, you will have to keep yourself free from all the bridal arrangements by completing them on time. As of now, you need to be entirely focused on her. Getting her dressed up, styling her hair, doing her makeup, she will need assistance in everything. If a professional is hired to do all these things for her, you will have time to juggle among stuff while attending to her.

Be the Helping Hand For Her Bouquet

Hold the bouquet for her during the ceremony and while the couple exchanges their wedding rings. Hand it over to her once she is ready to walk up the aisle.

If you manage all the duties mentioned above along with the small chores handed over to you, the bride is sure to have the time of her life.