P. Daniel Ward Assesses the Latest and Greatest in Hair Treatment


Advances in hair healing generation have made it possible for all and sundry to have a full and healthy head of hair. While male and girl pattern baldness is extremely commonplace inside the fashionable populace, it isn’t important for all of us to suffer from the condition’s embarrassment. Hair recovery boosts a person’s self-belief and makes them capable of gift a happier face to the world. Dr. P. Daniel Ward of Ward MD Facial Plastic Surgery facilitates sufferers with their hair loss problems and conveys an extra younger appearance. He sees firsthand the self-assurance increase that powerful remedies provide.

Hair Treatment

In the past, hair recuperation has worried about using “hair plugs,” which can be huge sections of scalp transplanted from some other place to the pinnacle. This system produced unnatural-looking results. Today, hair substitute is extra focused and undetectable than ever before.

Today’s Hair Restoration Surgery

In nowadays’s hair healing surgical treatment, there are two predominant techniques. The first is called follicular unit transplant or FUT. It includes eliminating a strip of healthy follicles from the lower back or facets of the top where hair loss is some distance, much less probable to arise. The 2d alternative is referred to as follicular unit excision or FUE. This technique is even greater focused than FUT and produces extremely herbal-searching results. Hair transplants are successful in up to 95 percent of patients, leading to eye-catching consequences to close over time.

Non-Surgical Methods

Surgical techniques are not the most effective way to prevent and reduce the fee of hair loss. Non-surgical techniques also can be effective in the fight against hair loss. P. Ward MD offers scientific remedies for hair loss that no longer contain the relocation of hair follicles. The first technique is known as PRP or platelet-rich plasma. In this process, the affected person’s personal blood is taken, and the plasma is extracted with a centrifuge. The plasma is then carefully injected into the scalp, concentrated on areas of challenge. This approach uses the frame’s very own recuperation factors to stimulate the hair follicles.

PRP is likewise powerful for the treatment of muscle tissues, tendons, and ligaments. It is an advanced scientific technique which produces top-notch results for hair loss remedy. Micro-needling is some other technique of non-surgical hair loss prevention and remedy. Micro-needling involves rolling a tool with loads of small needles across the affected scalp regions. This produces tiny pinpricks which encourage the fitness and renewal of the scalp. When micro-needling is done, collagen formation in the region can cause hair growth.


Certain medicinal drugs can also offer comfort from and reversal of hair loss. These medicinal drugs are high-quality to use whilst the hair is just starting to be lost, in place of waiting till baldness has set in. These medicinal drugs maintain the prevailing hair follicles. Propecia or finasteride works handiest on guys. It works via retaining testosterone from forming a spinoff referred to as DHT. DHT is a hormone this is accountable for shortening the growth phase of hair follicles. Minoxidil, or Rogaine, is appropriate for each man and woman. This drug is pleasant used when it’s miles massaged into the scalp two times a day. Simple shampoos with the lively factor aren’t as powerful as the rub-down approach. With minoxidil, -thirds of guys reap hair boom. Minoxidil and finasteride may be mixed in guys for a better usual chance of preserving hair. These medicines can also be combined with micro-needling, PRP, and surgical solutions to offer even higher effects.

Relief from Hair Loss

Hair loss will have a critical impact on a patient’s lifestyle and a dangerous effect on their vanity. When sufferers see a qualified plastic surgeon for help with their hair loss, they’ll be capable of seeing an extra youthful appearance inside the reflect. They can have more self-belief and can be higher capable of handle lifestyles’ challenges. Doctors like P. Daniel Ward are geared up to help males and females of every age with hair loss troubles.