Sophie, Countess of Wessex taking fashion guidelines from Meghan Markle? Expert shares perception


Sophie, Countess of Wessex, officially joined the Royal Family in 1999 after marrying Prince Edward. How has her fashion modified over time? A stylish who has worked with members of the Royal Family has solely shared her mind. Sophie, Countess of Wessex, fifty-four, became born Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones and grew as much as forging her personal a successful career in public relations. Throughout her PR function with Capital Radio whilst she met Prince Edward, now 55, in 1987. When their paths first crossed, the royal becomes dating her buddy, however, years later, in 1993, the pair met again, and started relationship soon after. They introduced their engagement in 1999, and months later, Sophie joined the Royal Family.

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So, has Sophie’s fashion modified seeing that joining the so-known as Firm?

Expert stylist and style dressmaker Holly Jade O’Leary has previously styled Princess Eugenie, 29, and Princess Beatrice, 30. Now, she’s shared her perception into the Countess of Wessex’s style evolution through the years.
Speaking solely to Express.Co.Uk, she stated: “I could propose that Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s fashion has progressed significantly. Alongside Meghan [Markle], Kate [Middleton], Princess Eugenie, and Princess Beatrice, she is a stylish and attractive girl who sets a high example of showcasing ageless beauty. She favors modest, glamorous clothing and a classic silhouette. It appears that, evidently, Sophie has opted for a few particular changes to her normal style alternatives when you consider that becoming a member of the Royal Family.

Holly pointed out: “Since joining the Royal Family, she has worn paler colors, wears greater peak at the heel, and favors a greater feminine healthy which fits her remarkable determine. Like the Duchess of Cambridge indicates a desire for nude court docket heels, [Sophie] favors a white shoe that subtly elongates the leg. But, it’s now not just the garments that the Countess wears, which she has modified as time has long gone through – as Holly noticed, her make-up habitual appeared to be distinctive too. Interestingly, what is particularly considerable approximately the evolution of Sophie’s fashion is that she wears less basis as the years have surpassed. We could see her sparkling, golden, and evidently freckled pores and skin display through, showcasing her aquiline functions with minimum and defined eye makeup, peach blush, bronzer, and a heat chestnut lip – a real golden woman,” the stylist said.