To Spend Or Not To Spend? Why Spending Big on a Wedding Matters


At any point in anyone’s life, they are all destined to meet someone special. You never know when and how you are going to cross paths with each other. But when you do, deep down, you’ll feel right away that this is the person you want to spend your life with.

Fast forward to months or years of being together, and you finally want to settle and live a happy life with each other. After much time and planning, wedding bells are slowly coming near. You want to make this your happiest day. Celebrate love and open a new chapter together.


Behind all the planning and all the emotions felt as the wedding is getting nearer. A lot of preparations are made, and this isn’t all done in just a day. One thing it involves that is important for what the couple would envision their wedding to be is the budget and overall cost of the whole event. Since this is a one-time thing, most couples would want to go all out. Never mind how much everything would cost as long as it comes together. The question is, why do couples spend so much on their weddings?

Once in a lifetime

Everybody wants to live life to the fullest and with no regrets. This applies to the wedding; as a couple is given a chance to celebrate their love and start a new life together, they want to make everything they want to come to life as this is a massive milestone for the couple. Making everything possible would cost a lot to the couple, but this is an important time for them. To make great memories as they only get to experience this once.

Influence and Inspirations

People are all aware of how much influence social media has had on their lifestyles and choices. Unconsciously people make decisions that are influenced by what they see on the internet. Pretty common today, most especially because many people are getting into the use of technology. So in the time for wedding preparations, we look up to our inspirations. There are so many great finds on the internet. You get to see different setups, styles, designs, and even famous weddings. This would leave a significant influence when deciding and making it all come to life, which will cost a lot. This is common too when brides go to a bridal shop for their wedding dress. They often find inspiration on Pinterest, and they go all out to find the wedding dress or something similar to make their wedding dress come to life.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Getting ready for a wedding needs a whole team. A good team must be put together to cover all the required bases and ensure that everything will go smoothly as planned. Composed of but not limited to the wedding planner, camera crew, editing team, stylists, food, venue, and many more. To have the best wedding a couple could ever hope for, they need to avail the services of the following professionals. Knowing that each would cost a lot as the couple pays for their time, effort, services, equipment, and expertise.

Family and Friends

Couples want all their family, including the extended families, to be there at their wedding. This is true with friends too, and most teams don’t want to leave anyone behind.


Lastly, some couples have enough money that they can splurge on whatever they want. And what is the best time to go all out with their money? On their wedding day, of course. They have the capabilities to get the most refined things for their wedding and spend on all the extravagant things they want to have. They could go for unique themes as budget isn’t a problem. Well, in the end, this day is for them, and they can choose to do whatever they want to do.

And if you’re trying to plan an extravagant wedding, bear that in mind that in scenarios where a considerable amount of money is being spent, it is easy to focus on the show rather than the marriage between the couple. A wedding is meant to be about a legal commitment of one’s love and faithfulness. As long as the union remains at the core of almost everything, the money spent will not make a huge difference.

If you want a big wedding and don’t have the budget to support it, you can either make do with the budget or save up some more and push back the wedding to accommodate what you want.

You are allowed to have an expensive wedding if you can afford it. There is no right or wrong when it comes to weddings. You can have the most intimate wedding or have the most extravagant one; the bottom line is, you are getting to the love of your life either way.